Soy Cafe and Diner

Where’s the best buffet in Lanao del Norte? Many will say that if you want to eat all you can in Lanao del Norte go to Soy Cafe and Diner and you won’t be disappointed. Indeed the restaurant offer generally very good food. When eating out there’s always the price to consider. Soy Cafe and Diner offers a very reasonable price for its mouth watering arrays of food to choose from.

Soy Cafe and Diner is located at Lala, Lanao del Norte and for inquiries you can call them at 09157182702

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Undas 2016 – Linamon Cemetery

In preparation for Undas, families visit the graves of their relatives to clean up and perform maintenance. Graves will be decorated with flowers and candles. And during the day of Undas cemeteries come alive. Relatives gather together and hold reunion. The day is filled with music and food. Prayers is also offered to the souls of their dearly departed loveones.

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Undas 2016 – Iligan City Catholic Cemetery

In the Philippines, there is a holiday that is referred to as Undas. This holiday is also sometimes referred to as “Araw ng mga Patay” which if translated in English means “Day of the Dead”.

Families gather in cemeteries and bring food and drink for their dead relatives which some believed that the deceased are taking part in the feast alongside the living.

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Sayaw Saulog 2016

The streets of Iligan go alive, packed with flamboyant and lively dancers in celebration of Diyandi Festival every 27th of September of each year.

The street dancing competition is used to be called “Kasadya” which translates to cheerfulness or merriment but in 2014 it was renamed to “Sayaw Saulog” which is the highlight of the Diyandi Festival sa Iligan to jointly pay homage to the patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel.

Different styles and dance forms of local talents as well as other Mindanao tribal dance forms is showcased in the street dancing competition.

Congratulations to Globe and JCI-Iligan for the very successful event till next year. Viva Sr. San Miguel.

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Protect and Preserve 2016

Protect and Preserve is a get together of local bands from Iligan and its neighboring cities. Bands from Cagayan de Oro and Malaybalay performed and rocked the house.

The event was held last September 24, 2016 at The Third Place, Ramiro St., Iligan City.

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