Easter Egg-Citing Family Day

It is a great opportunity for families to spend more quality time during Easter holidays. LSA Batch 93 is organizing the First Ever Easter EggCiting Family Day. The event is a highlight on the Easter calendar bringing magical day out for families and friends.

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Christmas Village – Brgy. Tomas Cabili

The Simbang Gabi or “Night Mass” is practiced by Filipinos from December 16-24 (Christmas Eve). Attending the mass means to show devotion to God and heightened the anticipation for the birth of Jesus Christ and completing the 9 Simbang Gabi holds the belief that God will grant special wish for the devotee

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Christmas Village – Brgy. Hinaplanon

Philippines celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world. Christmas season starts as soon as the name of month ends with a “ber” – like September. Christmas decorations starts to pop up on every house and streets and they are only taken down until the celebration of Three Kings and that is on the first Sunday of January.

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Christmas Village – Brgy. Pala-o

Christmas in the Philippines is probably one of the biggest and longest holidays the country is celebrating. Filipinos are known to celebrate Christmas in a higher level. Radio and TV networks start Christmas countdown on the advert of “ber” months – Septem”ber”.

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